Friday, June 22, 2012

everybody's favorite herbed peasant bread

Hay Day Country Market calls this "Everybody's Favorite Peasant Bread," and I can tell you for a fact it dang sure is mine!  I mean this is good stuff. GOOD.  STUFF.  Perfect for toasted tomato sandwiches in the Summer, great made into croutons for salads, and kick butt awesome toasted along side a soup, as it was today with a chilled summer squash soup.  It's chewy and has a texture similar to an English muffin.

     These guys are always near to lend a helping.... clean up?  Today on duty for any zucchini tid bit that might have accidentally slipped to the floor.  They are mindful of doing a good job.

     Seriously, did I mention this bread is good?  And everybody's favorite?  It is.  I follow the recipe nearly exactly as is from Hay Day Country Market Cookbook -- one of my long time favs.  You must get this cookbook.

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