Saturday, October 27, 2012

arugula, pickled golden beet, goat cheese and roasted chick pea salad

Now THIS is a glorious day in Texas.  Sun shining, breeze blowing, high temp in the 60s --- SaWEET! It's the kind of day you have the windows and back door wide open (which makes our dogs very, very happy), you have a good book in hand (Life of Pi, one of my top 3 favs of the last decade, perfect for a re-read before the film releases next month), and lots of good things going on in the kitchen.

Lucky for me, today was Farmhouse bushel day, and my box arrived with a butternut squash just right for a slow butternut squash and beef stew in the crockpot (did I mention good things and GREAT smells going on in the kitchen?).  The box also had the most perfect, young arugula, just what I needed to make the salad I specially pickled the golden beets for the other day.

Add in some goat cheese, and roasted chick peas, and you are in business, baby!  I made a simple vinaigrette of olive oil (1 1/2 T), and some of the beet pickling liquid (1T).  Season with salt and pepper and lightly dress the arugula.  Crumble some goat cheese, sprinkle on the chick peas, and add nice share of the crunchy pickled beets to the plate.  Now that's a right nice late afternoon starter for the stew that smells like Heaven, bubbling away in the crock pot.  Time for a glass of wine, the easy chair by the window with the breeze, a comfy blanket and a  movie.  All Saturdays should be so lovely.

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