Sunday, November 11, 2012

easy and slow happy sunday breakfast

Some days are meant for being slow. And easy. And sweet. Today was one.

Started out rainy.  And early, off to an early, inspiring worship.  Afterwards, all the makings for a simple meal already at home.  And sometimes you just need a pretty plate.  This one belonged to my great Aunt Mo, now to me. I love that. Happiness.

Excellent, local farmstead cheese - Pure Luck Farms Chevre - from Houston Dairymaids, fresh, late season figs and meyer lemons in our Farmhouse bushel (still waiting for the tree we planted for S's Mom to produce.. getting there, but not quite), Texas honey and pistachios, served up on a toasted Slow Dough Bread Co baguette.  Serious-Sunday-makes-you-happy-goodness-for-your-belly stuff.

With S's crazy schedule this month, it's SO nice to have a slow day to spend together... with these guys, too...

We were able to watch a good movie, fit in some football time (while I browsed through my new fav cookbook), dog walk, AND round the day out with an excellent supper before S had to hit the hay for the crazy shift this month.
... My fav new cookbook?... the smitten kitchen cookbook, by Deb Perelman. A good friend introduced me to the blog a couple of years ago, and this new book is, simply put, beautiful.

Not kidding.  You need this.  It's good stuff. Look what we made to round out our easy and slow happy and sweet Sunday... flat roasted chicken with tiny potatoes.  Made in my Grandma's cast iron skillet.  With pan gravy poured from my Granny's small crystal pitcher.  I love that. Happiness.

YEAH we did.  Again, happiness.

Hoping for you an easy, slow and sweet happy Sunday, too.  xoxo

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