Monday, February 4, 2013

spicy pickled carrots

After devouring a bowl of the pickled carrots with tortilla chips at Berryhill one lazy weekend afternoon with my husband several months ago, I came home intent on making those slightly-spicy-still-crunchy-pickled-treats.

And, so, we did.  They're yummy chopped in tacos, eaten alone, or my favorite... the perfect bite on top of a crunchy tortilla chip.

Grab some tortilla chips, and a margarita or cerveza.  You'll have all the fixings for a happy, lazy weekend afternoon.  Which you oh-so-deserve.


  1. Same story as yours, just a different town. Decided after a lunch out at a local taqueretta that we too, could be making pickled carrots. Coupled with a trip to the farmers market, we were pretty psyched to find a good recipe. Followed directions minus any real measurement for the carrots and 1/2 again the pickling agent and spices due to the amount of veggies. We have fantastic results. Terrific blog post, nice photos and share. Thanks from Joshua Tree, CA

    1. I'm so glad you were able to adapt/use and enjoy the recipe. It remains one of our favorite pickles here at home. :)

  2. meant to type, "taqueria".