Wednesday, July 10, 2013

veggie pesto bolillo sandwich

This sandwich, one of our Summer favorites, is tied up in good memories for me:  Music festivals, girl's trips, good friends and visits to farmer's market and "the" bakery on Airline.

The very first time I remember having a really great avocado and tomato sandwich on an El Bolillo bolillo roll was on a camping trip at an Old Settler's Fest, back in April of 2001.   This was my friend April's picnic offering for lunch, and I still remember the white bakery bag from which the rolls were spilled, ready for us to split and pile high with creamy avocado slices and thick, juicy, red tomatoes.  The weekend holds vivid pictures in my mind, filled with amazing music, good friends, hoola hoops, barn shower stalls, sitting around guitar circle, "'pinka' moon" and talking "names" for the new Lab puppy joining our family later that month ("name MUST be in a song" -- "Rubylove, YES, that's it").  Every time we make this sandwich, I'm reminded of that weekend.

As most excellent things do, this sandwich evolved over time, and came to also feature pesto, as the result of a girl's trip to Santa Fe to visit our friend, Susan.  Gorgeous hikes, 10,000 Waves, and a special lunch spot that produced a turkey, avocado, provolone and pesto sandwich on thick sliced, homemade, grilled bread that had my friend Mel involuntarily muttering "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" the entire while we ate.  These are the things I remember.  (psssssst, I remember more, but that's all I'm saying here....)

The sandwich:  It starts with really good bread.

For those of you Houstonians that visit Canino's Farmer's Market on Airline, you've no doubt been by El Bolillo.  And if you've lived here a really, really long time, you'll remember when the bakery was the tiny dive on the corner right next to the Farmer''s Market, prior to expanding and moving to it's new larger, present location now located across the street.  Either way,  the bolillos are absolutely the best in town.  When our niece and nephew visit, it usually includes a trip to this local Mexican bakery --  grab the silver tongs and tray as you walk through the door and pile high with freshly baked goodies until you hit the check out counter.

As mentioned, the "evolved" version of this excellent sandwich includes pesto.  I made a big batch recently out of a harvest of basil from the garden.  

Creamy avocado with squeeze of fresh lime, and juicy slices of Summer red tomatoes jump on board here too.

Slice your rolls, and spread on some mayo and a good amount of pesto.  Top with sliced tomatoes, avocado, provolone and butter lettuce.

Voila!  Veggie Pesto Bolillo Sandwich.  A winner every time.  Get out the napkins and dig in, this one is messy, but oh so worth it.

veggie pesto bolillo sandwich
serves 4

4 bolillo rolls 
1 extra large red tomato
2 ripe avocados, sliced
1 lime 
provolone slices
butter lettuce

Slice the bolillo rolls.  Spread on a layer of mayo, then a generous layer of pesto.  Slice tomatoes and avocado, and squeeze fresh lime on the avocado.  Pile the tomato and avocado evenly between the sandwiches.  Add the provolone and butter lettuce.  Place the top of the bread on, and (here's the highly technical and important part) squish down so that all the ingredients have a better chance of staying between the bread as you feast.  Happy eating!


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