Thursday, January 22, 2015

carrot/red cabbage tahini slaw + arugula + chevre lavash bread wraps

I heart carrot season.  If you've never grown your own carrots, you just simply need to do so.  Seriously.  Do it.  They are the sweetest, most tender but crunchy orange bites of goodness you'll ever taste, pulled straight from the ground.

We came up with these wraps for lunches this week using what we had from the garden and our bushel.  Smear some hummus on lavash bread, layer on arugula, then carrot slaw (made with grated carrots, red cabbage, chopped carrot tops, currants and tossed with tahini dressing), and top with chevre.  Roll it up, slice in half and serve with a side cup of simple cauliflower soup. Pretty sweet on a rainy January day.

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