Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Supper Salad with grilled peaches, shishito peppers, chicken, sweet corn and feta

There is beauty in a summer salad that comes together naturally.  Whether from your own garden, farmer's market or bushel, ingredients that are in season together often make the nicest partnerships. Juicy and full-of-flavor Texas peaches, smokey blistered Shisito peppers and sweet summer corn join hands across a bed of Buttercrunch plus mixed lettuces.  Add lemony grilled chicken breast and salty feta and it's a knock out simple, summer supper.

Summer Supper Salad with grilled peaches, shishito peppers, chicken, sweet corn and feta

(Serves 2, Main Course)
2 peaches, halved, pit removed
shishito peppers, about a quart
1 ear sweet corn on the cob
1/4 cup feta
lettuce mix 
2 chicken breast cutlets
1 lemon
1 clove garlic
grapeseed oil

Marinate the chicken in the juice and zest of one lemon, crushed garlic and grapeseed oil for at least 30 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper.  Grill  chicken 3 minutes, then rotate 1/4 turn for another 3 minutes.  Flip and repeat on other side.  Rub cut side of peach halves with grapeseed oil and place on grill, cut side down, for 3 minutes.  Toss shishito peppers in grapeseed oil, pinch of salt and place in a grill basket.  Grill, tossing every couple of minutes, until blistered (about 5 minutes, depending on how hot your grill is).  If your corn is fresh and sweet, you can cut it straight from the cob, or place it on the grill with the rest.  Arrange the lettuce mix, peaches, and shishito on the plate. Add sliced chicken breast.  Scatter on the feta and sweet corn.  Dress with your favorite dressing and devour.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fizzy Watermelon Agua Fresca

Cool things on hot days.  Summertime... We're feeling it in Houston, Texas. Hot. And don't forget humid.  The objective these days is to think up all things cooool—like this fizzy watermelon aqua fresca.  If you are looking for a way to use your leftover watermelon from your 4th of July celebration, this is it!

I made these a couple of weeks ago for the kids in gardening class, and they loved them!  It was an especially fun way to enjoy a seasonal tasting, and relate it to what's actually growing in the garden right now.

Little Baby Flower Watermelon, small enough to trellis if you have limited gardening space.

The "girls" at the school garden enjoy any garden tasting "leftovers," and come running when we've got bits of cucumber or tomato.  

The girls show their gratitude by delivering the best, fresh eggs.

Fizzy Watermelon Agua Fresca

watermelon chunks
cold water
sparkling water

Fill up your blender with watermelon chunks, add one cup of cold water, a squidge of honey and the juice from 1/2 a lime.  Blend up until smooth.  Pour the mixture through a fine strainer, removing any pulp or seeds.  When you are ready to serve, pour the watermelon juice into your favorite glass and add sparkling water to your taste.  Enjoy!