growing stuff

first mustard green harvest from our garden...

these tiny and super sweet tomatoes...

figs from the fig fairy's (aka April) tree...

our first meyer lemon...


African Blue Basil -- the bees love it!

Armenian Striped Cucumbers, Suyo Longs and tomatoes!


Mason Jar Bouquet with Bok Choy Blossoms and Dill from the garden

Big, Brandywine Tomatoes

Summer Caprese Salad with tomatoes and Basil from the garden!

Beautiful green cabbage.

Green harvest for supper.

Hover Fly on parsley blossom

Lettuce and carrots

LOVE the garden.


Mustang Grapes!

Collecting Okra seed

Red Radish and Hakurei salad turnips

Republic of Texas Orange

Swallowtail munching on Fennel

Sweet Chelsea tomaotes

Sweet Potatoes!!

Lovely (and delicious) Zephyr Squash